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Become A Successful Webmaster With These Practical Website Hosting Hints And Tips

It will be possible for you to select a hosting company that meets your needs and that you can afford! The more you educate yourself on the topic, the easier it'll be Tsohost Promotional Code to find the one that meets your needs. The information that follows can assist in that process.

Find more than several recommendations that appeal to you when you are choosing a host service. If you only find a few, you don't actually have a good basis for making a decision. For example, the two people offering reviews may have very different levels of technical expertise or other background.

Make sure the web host you choose is up more than it is down. Unreliable providers will have a consistent track record for lengthy and frequent outages; this is an indicator that the host is ill-prepared to offer satisfactory support. Beware of those companies who have a lot of downtime. Refrain from long contracts with them, if any at all.

If you aren't happy with the hosting services you are receiving, start checking out backup hosts. If you do this and the problem turns out to be a major one, you'll be ready to move quickly meaning less interruption to your site.

When you are looking for a web page hosting service, write down your priorities. Write down all your wants and needs, and match potential web host to those needs. You will be better able to meet the needs of your business website when you have a detailed list, rather than going just for the cheapest price.

Look for a hosting service that lets you have access to statistics and detailed information about your traffic. Independently add a traffic counter somewhere on your website, then compare its results to those that are provided by your host. As someone who is trying to make a living using the Internet, this data will help you figure out how to best reach your audience.

Find out if a potential web host offers a money-back guarantee. If you find the hosting service isn't right for you within the first 30 days after ordering it, you should be able to cancel it and get a full refund. Not all web hosts may actually be as good as what they advertise.

As you've read, it doesn't need to be incredibly onerous to choose a web host. As long as Tsohost Promotional Code you're aware of what you're doing, you can find a good host without an issue. Use this article's tips to find the best web host for your website.






Windows 10 Mobile Tips #16 : how to set mp3 song as ringtone in windows 10 mobile - Duration: 6:00.

how to set custom ringtone in windows phone 10

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You can watch all the videos and can read all the text details on my app "cellphone". Download it from below,

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Windows Central | News, Forums, Reviews, Help for Windows ...

Order Today: Lumia 950 XL | Surface Book | Surface Pro 4 | Band 2

Eye see you 6 hours ago 68 By Daniel Rubino A recent app update enabled Windows Hello for the OneDrive app on Windows 10 Mobile. Here we show you how to set it up and how it works on the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL! Hello Windows apps 8 hours ago 30 By Daniel Rubino Microsoft has posted details on how developers can utilize Windows Hello in their apps for secure biometric authentication. A few apps are already using the feature, but it is open to any developer making a universal UWP app for Windows 10 and Mobile. 143 Popular Discussion Posted by: Rican914 Last Post:39 min ago Taken in Cancun with my Lumia 1020....


A small batch 8 hours ago 2 By Jonathan Dollison This week's releases are skipping the store and heading right to the Xbox One Store. With the absence of AAA titles, Microsoft is pushing out a bunch of noteworthy indie titles this week. So continue reading to find which out which games you need to get your hands on when they come Out This Week on Xbox One. Poll By Daniel Rubino Fixes inbound By Daniel Rubino Firmware fix 9 hours ago 113 By Daniel Rubino Recent and forthcoming changes to the Windows Insider program will let users grab new firmware directly from Microsoft. The changes will prevent users from having to restore and reflash their devices to get necessary hardware fixes and optimizations. While the process will be automated in the "coming weeks" for now Insiders can opt for a Production ring via the Insider app. Deal of the Day 10 hours ago By WindowsCentralShop Featuring a durable polycarbonate shell and flexible bumper, the Incipio Octane case shields the Lumia 640 from impacts and scratches while sporting a slim design. Grab one today for only $14.95! 194 Popular Discussion Posted by: RumoredNow Last Post:54 min ago According to my Bing-Fu, Nadella has been with Microsoft since 1992....


Due soon 10 hours ago 86 By Daniel Rubino Microsoft may be readying not one but two OS updates today. Recently, we reported that build 10586.71 was being prepped for release today and over the weekend some eagle-eyed people even spotted it on Microsoft's servers... watch your cellular data 11 hours ago 126 By Daniel Rubino A new bug has been discovered by some users on Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.63. The issue causes excessive cellular data usage and it may be linked to the Messaging backup and sync feature. The problem seems to only affect those on the Windows Insider program and not the production release of Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.29. Gaming on the go 13 hours ago 27 By Mark Guim The 17-inch Ideapad Y700 isn't a top-of-the-line gaming laptop, but you'll still be able to play the latest games at high to medium quality with high frame rates. The Y700 performs well at non-gaming activities too. Should you buy the Ideapad Y700? Check out our review. 89 Popular Discussion Posted by: smartass1379 Last Post:9 hours ago Deal with it... oh please...


And the answer is 14 hours ago 19 By George Ponder Max Quiz is a game show styled trivia game that is available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile devices. The game features five trivia categories, three gaming modes and tons of questions to test your knowledge. Patch Tuesday plans By Daniel Rubino RIGHT HERE By Rich Edmonds Streaming is the new cool 20 hours ago 30 By Harish Jonnalagadda Audible has picked up an update to, bringing the ability to stream audiobooks instead of downloading them to your device. The option comes in handy if you're running low on internal storage. Poll 25 January 2016 300 By Daniel Rubino The iPhone is not only getting the WordFlow keyboard from Windows Phone, but also a one-handed mode too. Windows 10 Mobile actually has a similar feature as well, but are any of you using it? Take our poll and let us know! 1010 Popular Discussion Posted by: djeire84 Last Post:9 hours ago .63 and I have found that using the smaller keyboard is so handy it makes typing so fast....


Zombie leeches in HD 25 January 2016 26 By Jez Corden Join us for a look at Capcom's Resident Evil Zero HD, bringing its classic take on survival horror to Xbox One. Show me more loading...





¡Instructivo básico de una computadora: funciones, personalización y demás windows 7/8/8.1/10 n-n! - Duration: 11:24.

Holic':! Espero y este pequeo vdeo acerca de unos tips bsicos te puedan ayudar, saben que les agradezco mucho por todo y los quiero cual dulce de coco n-n. Dios los cuide mucho

*Programa uxstyle "parcheador" para windows 7/8/8.1/10 sin reiniciarc':!

*Algunos temas para windows 7 muy hermosos, 100% crditos a Tutosfrance n-n!






Google Updates: Android N set for May and Pope set to Schmidt (not in the woods)

GOOGLE NEWS is starting trickle out after a quiet start to the year, so let's have at it.

The big hairy deal of the week is the announcement that this year's Google I/O will run from 18 to 20 May and it's more than likely that it'll be that weekend when we get to see exactly what Android N (Nougat? Nutella? Natural Yoghurt with Honey?) has in store. We're expecting multi-window and better Chrome integration to be at the top of the list.

Google how-is-that-still-a-thing? Plus has had a major fix for its Android app which undoes all the bugs and glitches introduced when Photos was removed from the main app. That's 70 bugs and 14 accessibility problems. It's surprising that anyone has hung around that long to see it happen. What? You mean they haven't?

In the 'not sure where that idea came from' file, Google Now has a new trick up its sleeve. Yes, Siri can beatbox badly, but Google can teach you yoga. In addition there are now two new search parameters. As well as referring to recent searches, there's also 'What's Hot' for popular searches and 'Nearby' for, well, you can figure that bit out.

Also, if you're using the Google Now Launcher you'll be delighted to hear that it now actually makes icons appear to be all the same size rather than a mishmash of every developer's designs that leaves your app screen looking like something out of a Escher painting.

It's just been announced that Eric Schmidt, CEO of Alphabet, is getting an audience with the Pope next month. We wonder whether His Holiness is having problems getting Angry Birds Go to work on his Nexus 6P.

Google Cardboard has, up to now, been little more than a joke that went too far. But its popularity spawned a whole bunch of really good quality copycat headsets, and at Google I/O last year we started to see how Google planned to use the tech in education. Now it's decided to get serious with the formation of a proper VR division. Watch out Oculus.

Google Maps has been given even more contextual functionality with the arrival of an information spread based on where you are, where you've been and therefore where it thinks you're likely to go. It can show snarl-ups delaying traffic, en route petrol prices and alternative routes, all of which it could do before but now does without you having to press anything. It knows. Be afraid.

Away from your desk, we discovered recently that Google's self-driving cars aren't quite as ready for the public as we thought. According to the records, 13 accidents were prevented last year by human intervention, and there were another 27 near misses. So perhaps it's a little too early to be planning on going driverless round the Champs-lyses at rush hour.

Finally, we may have mentioned a little thing called Remix OS, which brings Android to desktop computers. It's now available as an alpha for all x86 machines.






62 Windows 8 secrets you need to know | TechRadar

Windows 8 has been with us for well over a year now, and if you're used to previous versions of Windows then you're going to notice that quite a bit has changed. In fact, Windows 8 has seen the biggest change since the jump from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95.

Out goes the Start menu, in comes the new touch-oriented Start screen with new Windows 8-style apps and new interface conventions. Even experienced PC users may be left feeling a little lost.

Don't despair, though, help is at hand. We've poked around every part of Windows 8, uncovering many of its most important tips and tricks, so read our guide and you'll soon be equipped to get the most out of Microsoft's latest release.

1. Open from the lock screen

Windows 8 opens on its lock screen, which looks pretty but unfortunately displays no clues about what to do next.

It's all very straightforward, though. Just tap the space bar, spin the mouse wheel or swipe upwards on a touch screen to reveal a regular login screen with the user name you created during installation. Enter your password to begin.

2. Handle basic navigation

Windows 8's interface is all colourful tiles and touch-friendly apps. And if you're using a tablet then it'll all be very straightforward: just swipe left or right to scroll the screen, and tap any tile of interest.

On a regular desktop, though, you might alternatively spin the mouse wheel to scroll backwards and forwards.

And you can also use the keyboard. Press the Home or End keys to jump from one end of your Start screen to the other, for instance, then use the cursor keys to select a particular tile, tapping Enter to select it. Press the Windows key to return to the Start screen; right-click (or swipe down on) apps you don't need and select Unpin to remove them; and drag and drop the other tiles around to organise them as you like.

Windows 8 tips tricks and secrets

3. Group apps

The Start screen apps are initially displayed in a fairly random order, but if you'd prefer a more organised life then it's easy to sort them into custom groups.

You might drag People, Mail, Messaging and Calendar over to the left-hand side, for instance, to form a separate 'People' group. Click the 'minus' icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to zoom out and you'll now find you can drag and drop the new group (or any of the others) around as a block. Right-click within the block (while still zoomed out) and you'll also be able to give the group a name, which - if you go on to add another 20 or 30 apps to your Start screen - will make it much easier to find the tools you need.

Windows 8.1 now provides a special Customise mode with much the same functionality. Right-click an empty part of the Start screen, or swipe up, tap Customise, then drag and drop tiles or rename app groups to whatever you need.

Windows 8 tips tricks and secrets

4. Use the quick access menu

Right-click in the bottom-left corner (or hold down the Windows key and press X) for a text-based menu that provides easy access to lots of useful applets and features: Device Manager, Control Panel, Explorer, the Search dialog and more. Download the Win+X Menu Editor and you'll be able to further customise the list with programs of your own.

Windows 8 tips tricks and secrets

5. Find your applications

The Win+X menu is useful, but no substitute for the old Start menu as it doesn't provide access to your applications. Press Ctrl+Tab, click the arrow button at the bottom left of the Start Screen, or swipe up from the bottom of the screen and a list of your installed programs will appear. If you can't see what you need immediately, start typing an application name to search for it. Or, in Windows 8.1, click the arrow to the right of "Apps" to sort your programs by date installed, most used, category or name.

Windows 8 tips tricks and secrets

6. Make access easier

If there's an application you use all the time then you don't have to access it via the search system. Pin it to the Start screen and it'll be available at a click.

Start by typing part of the name of your application. To access Control Panel, for instance, type 'Control'. Right-click the 'Control Panel' tile on the Apps Search screen, and click 'Pin to Start'. If you're using a touchscreen, press and hold the icon, then flick down and select 'Pin to Start'.

Now press the Windows key, scroll to the right and you'll see the Control Panel tile at the far end. Drag and drop this over to the left somewhere if you'd like it more easily accessible, then click the tile to open the desktop along with the Control Panel window, and press the Windows key to return you to the Start screen when you're done.

7. Shut down

To shut Windows 8 down, just move the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen, click the Settings icon - or just hold down the Windows key and press I - and you'll see a power button. Click this and choose 'Shut Down' or 'Restart'.

In Windows 8.1, press Win+X, click 'Shut down or sign out' and select the option you need.

Some of the tricks available in previous versions of Windows still apply. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, for instance, click the power button in the bottom right-hand corner and you'll be presented with the same 'Shut Down' and 'Restart' options.

And if you're on the desktop, press Alt+F4 and you'll be able to choose 'Shut Down', 'Restart', 'Sign Out' or 'Switch User' options.

Windows 8 tips tricks and secrets






Windows 10 Tutorial: Review & Full Walkthrough (5) - Duration: 1:22:07.

In this video tutorial you can learn how to use Windows 10 in your business (lesson 5).

Windows 10 Tutorial: Review & Full Walkthrough. Windows 10 Review: User's Guide - Tips and Tricks.

Exercise files download from:






Apple finally publishes El Capitan Darwin source

Stung, perhaps, by its ill-fated marketing claims about open source software, Apple has published the Darwin source code to its El Capitan OS X release.

When it released Swift as open source, Apple made a rather contentious claim that it was the first major computer company to make Open Source development a key part of its ongoing software strategy.

That sparked both a Tweet-storm and a change of heart, with Cupertino revising the marketing-speak to read that Open source software is at the heart of Apple platforms and developer tools (true, ever since it bet on FreeBSD**), and Apple continues to contribute and release significant quantities of open source code (others do more*, but what the hell).

The source code directory for OS X 10.11 is here, and the kernel is here.

Given the widespread lack of interest in actually doing much with the Darwin source code, the release is as much an intellectual curiosity as anything else. Swift, on the other hand, seems to have a much sunnier future.


* To be fair, the full Apple open source list, here, is pretty decent. And if you're quick, you can still see Cupertino's original "first major computer company" wording there, which El Reg is sure will get edited soon.

** This originally read "OpenBSD". Like John Cleese in A Fish Called Wanda, the author is very, very, very, very, very, very sorry.

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Clean and speedup your windows 10 PC using MPC cleaner - Duration: 3:21.

Clean and speedup your windows 10 PC using MPC cleaner or mpc cleaner remove or mpc cleaner uninstall or speedup windows 10 pc:-

MPC Cleaner (More Powerful Cleaner) is produced by DotCash Limited Inc. It is a PC cleaning software which aims to speed up your PC speed and improve the Internet experience. Its original technology called SmartBalance is able to auto balance the usage of PC programs. Your computer got stuck? No response? It won't happen anymore! Only one click and it can scan and clean junk files from your PC very fast, so you can get your hard disk space back. If ads randomly pop up on your browser windows, it probably because of malicious plug-ins installed in your browser. MPC can clean them. It is able to identify and block malicious websites in order to protect your safety on Internet.

Software features: 1) The leading SmartBalace technology ensures real time auto balance and helps you avoid slow response or no response from your system. 2) It cleans temporary files, history, recycle bin. 3) It scans and cleans invalid registry keys. 4) It cleans IE, Firefox, Opera and other browsers history, cookies, forms and personal information. 5) It cleans the junk files produced by hundreds of commonly used software. 6) It auto identifies and cleans thousands useless startup programs, services and scheduled tasks which slow down your PC startup. 7) It instantly protects your PC from any malicious startup program. 8) One click to clean malicious browser plug-ins using a real time protection. 9) It protects your browser homepage from being changed by malicious plug-ins. 10) It blocks every malicious website and makes sure your surfing is safe. 11) We support 23 languages right now, and we keep adding new ones. 12) MPC has a very clean and simple interface based on the DirectUI engine.

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